Top 5 tips for planning your wedding budget!

If you are at the starting line of the marathon to your big day, these five core tips for planning your wedding budget are sure to be vital.
Working in the wedding industry, I have come across so many couples with varying approaches to planning and budgeting for their special day. From watching and working with all these couples these five core strategies popped out at me as essential for those with a tight budget.
  1. Plan early 
Your engaged and it’s exciting, so there is no need to rush. Give yourself time to plan your big day. This gives you less pressure when planning your budget, so you can book the best vendors. Without this time crunch there is also less chance of you falling victim to any budgeting setbacks (e.g. not taking into account the cost of insurance).
  2. Research is key Thorough research can never be underestimated. Look at your vendor’s feedback, speak with them and be clear on what exactly your objectives are. Make sure your vendor can meet all your requirements for your wedding and your budget.
  3. Prioritize
Be realistic, are the doves, fireworks and horse drawn carriage essential to making your day memorable? It is difficult to get your head around all the elements that make up what will be your wedding, but once you have them listed this will allow you to prioritize. Maybe you have to have an original Vera Wang wedding dress, then potentially you could trim the budget on catering. Prioritize what elements are most important and assure you set aside costs for them.
  4. Balance the books
Be prepared to stay on top of your planning. Get organized by investing in your own personal organizer and keep reminders in your phone. Set your budget goals, determine your spending limit, collect quotes, list and track your expenses, and get excited about planning your big day!
  5. Open communication
My most important bit of advice is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. A recent study found men, on average, were estimating the cost of weddings to be £680 higher than women. So, make sure you are both across your estimated budget and your ongoing spending. An open dialogue between couples is always key.