Alison and Mike 9th June 2018

Alison and Mike had the ceremony and reception both at Southwold after the ceremony they jumped on a horse and cart (which runs through the town during the summer) which took them down to the beach for some pictures. Alison had a definite look that she wanted her bouquet to have, both her and Mike love their garden so a natural, just gathered look was the style she was after. Alison loves her big blowsy garden style roses so these were an absolute must, we used ‘Juliet’ David Austin’s, ‘Vuvuzela’, ‘Pink Piano’ and ‘Garden Romantic Antike’ other flowers included astrantia, lysimachia and dahlias, the only foliage that was in the bouquet was jasmine tendrils which looked so beautiful, and linked in with the just gathered look we were looking for. The buttonholes were simple rose bud clustered together with some astrantia and hints of jasmine foliages creating a lovely, informal, relaxed style that complemented the bouquet beautifully. The cake flowers had the same relaxed feel with them being made from blooms that featured in the bouquet including roses, dahlias, astrantia and jasmine trails.

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