Hannah and William 27th July 2016 at Chaucer Barn

Hannah and William got married on the 27th July at Chaucer Barn, Norfolk. A rainy start but the sun came out and it turned out to be a glorious day. Hannah and William had a copper theme to their wedding, lots of copper touches were dotted around the venue including balloons, photo frames and copper tea lights! Hannah wanted the flowers to be in soft, blush shades and to have a compact, neat feel. Flowers including ‘Vendella’, ‘Sweet Avalanche’, ‘Bombastic’ and ‘Mentha’ roses with silver eucalyptus and mimosa foliages. Gorgeous bouquets for Hannah and her bridesmaids along with her super cute flower girls who each had a flower wand with lots of trailing ribbons including copper sequins. The buttonholes where made from a ‘Vendella’ rose with populus eucalyptus and mimosa foliage with a silver succulent at the base. William had a different style, ‘Bombastic’ spray roses clustered together with mimosa and populus eucalyptus with a cute succulent at the base. The table centres were in martini vases, in soft cream and blush tones, with flowers including ‘Mentha’, and ‘Vendella’ roses, ‘Majolica’ spray roses, scented stocks, hydrangeas and silver foliages. The cake was so amazing, covered in copper icing!! It didn’t need too much decoration so simple rose heads dotted on the layers along with a mini arrangement to sit on the top layer.

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