Nicola and Joe 21st July 2017 at Oxnead Hall

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Nicola and Joe got married on the 21st July 2017 with the ceremony at a local church and the reception taking place at Oxnead Hall the colour scheme was bright and bold colours with fresh lime green foliages worked throughout. The bridal bouquet was neat and formal with the flowers massed together creating a stunning opulent look flowers included sunflowers, peonies, ‘Miss Piggy’ and `Vuvuzela’ roses, with subtle scented rosemary peeking out through the blooms. The bridesmaids bouquets were a smaller, simpler version than the bridal bouquet which complemented the bright pink dresses beautifully. The buttonholes were a single mini sunflower clustered together with rosemary foliages for a pretty, natural style. Half the table designs were made on tall flared vases with the flowers arranged in a neat ball shape, flowers included large headed hydrangeas, sunflowers, gerberas, roses, antirrhinums, peonies and dahlias with ditto foliages worked amongst the flowers. The other half were wreath designs with a hurricane lamp in the middle, the flowers were massed together with the flowers on slightly different levels to loosen the look slightly, the flowers matched in with the tall table centres.